Our Cats

The 2019-2020 show season has come to an abrupt close, however we do have some exciting news to share.  Our little NuNu retired in style:

GC, RW NovaBlue HoneyCrisp
3rd Best of Breed, Region 1-9
13th Best Cat, Southern Region
21st  Best Kitten, Southern Region

We congratulate all of the cats that competed this show season, and hope to see them (and their breeders/owners) in a show hall soon.

Here is a peek at the rest of our family:

GC, RW NovaBlue HoneyCrisp

After careful consideration, we have decided to allow Honey to retire from the show life and our breeding program.  She’s safely settled in Baton Rouge, LA, now known as “NuNu” where she’s enjoying being the boss of little Nemo.

GP, RW Valnika Jacques

Jack is the one who started it all.  He was my first pet, a retired show cat who I tried to show again, until he told me in no uncertain terms he preferred staying at home watching the birds from his window perch.

GC, RW Star Azure’s Fabineki of NovaBlue
19th Best Kitten, Southern Region, CFA 2017-2018 Show Season

GC, RW Star Azure’s Fabineki of NovaBlue

Fabi is our current Queen, and if you don’t believe me, just ask her yourself and she will tell you all about it!  She was the 19th Best Kitten in CFA’s Southern Region for the 2017-2018 Show Season.  Now her kittens are out on the show circuit as well.

NovaBlue’s Pawdicure Day at the Spa

Fabi’s second litter gave us Daisy, who’s enjoying hanging out at home.  We are hopeful that when we can resume shows in our area, that she will be interested in going back into the show hall.