Why doesn’t anyone have kittens available now?

I typically receive a handful of inquiries each week from people looking for a Russian Blue kitten.  I have a very small breeding program, and can’t honor the requests from all qualified applicants.  With the “stay at home” orders imposed by many states due to COVID-19, I think many people are sensing a void in the home, and if they have put off adding a four legged family member now seems like a good time to bring home a new pet and spending that early time bonding.

I’m now getting a couple of inquiries per day.  People looking for kittens NOW.  The demand is far outweighing the supply.  It takes 6 months from the time of breeding to have a kitten ready to travel to their new home.  So there’s a lot of advance planning.  The last kittens placed went to their new homes about 11 months from first contact with the buyers.  So be prepared to wait.

That doesn’t mean a kitten cannot be available sooner.  A sale may fall through.  A buyer may now not want to fly to pick up a kitten and wants to look locally.  We just continue down our list until we find the right match.  And, we are a fairly close knit group within the breed.  I regularly will refer potential buyers to a breeder in their region.